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About UK Thunderball

UK Thunderball is the most unique of all the UK lotteries as there is a set jackpot of £500,000 each draw, which never rolls over. It might not seem that attractive at first compared to the higher jackpots on offer, but the odds of winning a prize in UK Thunderball is 1 in 13, so there’re even more players winning each week!

What’s more…you’ll never have to share the top prize with anyone else.
To win the jackpot of £500,000, players must match 5 main numbers (out of 39 numbers) and the Thunderball (out of 14 numbers). There are 8 additional prizes up for grabs for players who match fewer numbers.
The draws take place every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

History of UK Thunderball

History of UK Thunderball

UK Thunderball is one of the newest lotteries with the first draw taking place in June 1999.

When first launched, there was a total of 34 numbers to pick from which then increased to 39 numbers, as it became more and more popular. The initial jackpot prize was also only £250,000 which was then increased to the £500,000 we know now, in May 2010.

After this jackpot increase, the Friday draw was also introduced, adding to the Wednesday and Saturday weekly draws, as well as the prize for only matching the Thunderball number.

How to play UK Thunderball

How to play UK Thunderball

It’s easy to play Thunderball…select 5 numbers from 1 to 39 and 1 Thunderball number from 1 to 14. Then choose the number of lines to play, as well as the draws and the weeks you’d like to play in.

You would pay only £1 per line at your local shop and you have the chance to win prizes that range from £3 up to the jackpot prize of £500,000!

To view a breakdown of the prizes, go to the UK Thunderball results page.

Jackpot Winners

Jackpot Winners

At the end of 2015, 2 lucky winners won the big jackpot of £500,000 which made a world of difference and changed their lives. Karen and David Ainger couldn’t believe they had won the jackpot but after nervously calling to claim, they had confirmation that they were indeed the lucky jackpot winners!

Charities UK Thunderball Supports

Charities UK Thunderball Supports

UK Thunderball contributes to the same fund as Euromillions and UK Lotto so all the funds raised go to their Good Causes Fund which gives away over £34 million each week to worthy causes supporting other charities or local projects.

So when you purchase a UK Thunderball ticket, you’re helping raise money for projects and charities all over the UK including the nation’s arts and heritage, as well as helping fund athletes competing in the Olympics.