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Make every day a lotto day!

Experience the thrill of playing 7 lines in a different lottery, every day of the week. On Monday, you will be taking part in the French lottery; Tuesday you’ll be playing Australian Lotto; Wednesday is the US Powerball; the Italian favourite SuperEnaLotto on Thursday; Friday night is EuroMillions; Lotto 6aus49 in Germany on Saturday; and finally, the Spanish El Gordo to finish off the weekend.

With a total of 49 tickets, in 7 of the world’s largest lotteries, playing 7 days a week, this Combo really does make winning easier!

Lotteries in this combo:

French Lotto
7 lines
Australian Lotto
7 lines
US Powerball
7 lines
Super EnaLotto
7 lines
7 lines
Lotto 6aus49
7 lines
El Gordo Primitiva
7 lines

Share Packages Explained

Share Packages Explained

There are a total of 140 Shares in this syndicate. One person can purchase more than one share and can hereby multiply his winnings. Once all shares are gone, a new Syndicate is automatically opened.
Each new Syndicate is completely independent of the other Syndicates and plays a completely new set of lines.
The winnings of all lines played by a syndicate are split equally by 140 (the Shares) and are distributed amongst the players according to their shareholding.
Purchasing more than one share is a good idea if you wish to double or even quadruple your share in the winnings of the Syndicate.