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Lucky7 Combo Syndicate

Experience the thrill of a lottery draw every day of the week with our Lucky7 Combo. Play 7 tickets in a lottery, every day of the week. On Monday you will be taking part in the French lottery; Tuesday you’ll be playing Australian Lotto; Wednesday the US Powerball; the Italian favourite SuperEnaLotto on Thursday; Friday night is EuroMillions; Lotto 6aus49 in Germany on Saturday; and finally, the Spanish El Gordo to finish the weekend.

With a total of 49 tickets, in 7 of the world’s largest lotteries, playing 7 days a week, this Combo really does make winning easier!

Lotteries in this combo:

French Lotto
7 lines
Australian Lotto
7 lines
US Powerball
7 lines
Super EnaLotto
7 lines
7 lines
Lotto 6aus49
7 lines
El Gordo Primitiva
7 lines

‘Mini’, ‘Standard’ & ‘Maxi’ Share Packages Explained

‘Mini’, ‘Standard’ & ‘Maxi’ Share Packages Explained

This syndicate is split into 140 “Mini” Shares and winnings of the syndicate are split equally between them. By choosing the “Mini” Package, you halve your entry price for this syndicate and receive half the winnings, by choosing a “Maxi” share you double your winnings.