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About Australian Lotto

Australian Lotto is the national lottery game of Australia. It is played every Tuesday night and costs $1.20. Draws take place live on television at approx. 9.30pm – these are recorded so you can catch up on the drawing online.

There is a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $2 million and it currently holds the record for the largest Australian lotto jackpot prize of $112 million.

History of Australian Lotto

History of Australian Lotto

Australian Lotto, Australia’s first national game was launched in 1994 by the Australian Lotto Bloc organisation. The first draw was televised live nationally on Tuesday 22nd February.

Originally, Australian Lotto was the same as Saturday Lotto with 6 numbers needing to be picked out of 45. However, in October 2005, a 7th number was introduced into the drawing and the odds of winning the jackpot was increased, rivalling Powerball.

In many states, Australian Lotto was branded differently with names such as Super 7’s and Oz 7 Lotto, but in 2012, these states reverted back to the branding of Australian Lotto as we now know it.

How to play Australian Lotto

How to play Australian Lotto

Australian Lotto is played a little differently to other lotteries you might be used to. Pick 9 numbers between 1 and 45, the first 7 are the ‘Winning Numbers’ and the last 2 are the ‘Supplementary Numbers’.

The aim is to match 7 Winning Numbers to win the jackpot, but there are 7 tiers, so 7 chances to win something. The minimum prize level is won by matching 3 Winning Numbers and one of the ‘Supplementary Numbers’ and is a guaranteed A$2 million prize if won!

Draws are every Tuesday and the jackpot can get up to and above a whopping A$50 million. To view a breakdown of the prizes, go to the results page.

Largest Australian Lotto Jackpot Record

Largest Australian Lotto Jackpot Record

The largest Australian lotto jackpot prize was won in November 2012 and the record is held by Australian Lotto itself. A jackpot prize of A$112 million, shared by 4 winners.