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Irish Lotto Syndicate

Join the ‘Luck O’ The Irish’ and increase your chances of winning the big money with our Irish Lotto Syndicate at LottoPlus. When joining this syndicate, you will participate in a total of 40 Irish Lotto tickets in a syndicate size of 80 Shares.
You have a choice of purchasing either 1, 2 or 4 Shares in the Irish Lotto Syndicate. Choosing 1 Share will half your purchase price but it does also halve your share of the winnings, and choosing 4 Shares will double your shares in the winnings!

Irish Lotto Tickets

Irish Lotto Tickets

The Irish Lotto Syndicate at LottoPlus consists of real lottery tickets, you will be able to see scans of the tickets in your Player Account. LottoPlus purchases only real lottery tickets, in conjunction with the laws of the respective country, through licensed resellers and trusted agents.

Share Packages Explained

Share Packages Explained

There are a total of 80 Shares in this syndicate. One person can purchase more than one share and can hereby multiply his winnings. Once all shares are gone, a new Syndicate is automatically opened.
Each new Syndicate is completely independent of the other Syndicates and plays a completely new set of lines.
The winnings of all lines played by a syndicate are split equally by 80 (the Shares) and are distributed amongst the players according to their shareholding.
Purchasing more than one share is a good idea if you wish to double or even quadruple your share in the winnings of the Syndicate.

Irish Lotto Draw Days and Times

Draw Days and Times

The Irish Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening. All results can be checked soon after the numbers have been drawn – go to the Results Page to find out the winning numbers.