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Worldwide Lottery Syndicates

For you to join and be in with the chance of winning lots of cash prizes! Joining a syndicate means you play with multiple tickets and share the winnings with other LottoPlus players.

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Real Lottery Tickets

Tickets for the official lotteries are purchased by our trusted agents all over the world. These are then scanned and uploaded to your player account for you to view.

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Winning Chances Increased

Playing as part of a syndicate massively increases your chances of winning every week! There’s no need to claim – all winnings are credited automatically to your player balance.

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What is a syndicate?

A Syndicate is another word for a “group”. At LottoPlus, a syndicate is a number of tickets grouped together to form a syndicate which players participate in.

What is a share?

A share determines how much of the syndicate’s total prize you will receive. Each syndicate is split into equal shares and any winnings will be shared amongst them. Therefore, the more shares you purchase, the higher the amount you will receive when a syndicate wins.

Can I pick my own numbers?

As we offer syndicates, all numbers are pre-bought and then grouped, so you are not able to change these or pick your own. However, you can view all the numbers for the syndicate before deciding to join.

What is a line?

A line is made up of a combination of numbers which are pre-bought before the syndicate is active. Each lottery has different prize tiers but for example matching 3 numbers on a line can win the syndicate a cash prize!

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Simply, go to your My Account > the Withdraw tab, enter the amount and your bank details. Your payment will then be processed by us within 24 hours. Once processed, this can take between 3-5 working days to reach your bank.

What happens when you win?

All winnings are automatically credited to your Player Account Balance. You can view the results of each draw and the winnings credited in your My Account > My Syndicates section once logged in.All the winnings are equally divided between the numbers of total shares in the syndicate. Your winnings are dependent on the number of shares you bought in that syndicate.

Safe and secure

Safe and Secure

Operated by a UK registered Company, LottoPlus is safe, secure and well trusted.
You are in safe hands and so are your personal details and payment information.


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