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About EuroMillions

EuroMillions is the biggest European lottery and excites players from ten European countries twice a week with large jackpots and good winning chances. Jackpots start at €15 million and climb rapidly, often breaking the €100 million mark. With an upper limit at €190 Million, EuroMillions reached this cap twice already, once won by a lucky Portuguese and once by a British player. Participating in the same prize pool, there is a UK version of the EuroMillions available. Jackpots are converted into pounds and to make up for the slightly higher ticket price in pounds, a raffle called “Millionaire Maker” is added to the lottery for UK players which makes 2 lucky winners a millionaire each week. The draws take place in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 21:30.

History of EuroMillions

History of EuroMillions

The first EuroMillions draw was held in 2004 with players from the UK, France, and Spain only. Later that same year 6 other European countries joined and the first euro lottery winner received €16.7 million in the same year. Since then, the lottery has gained popularity in all countries and has become the biggest European lottery with jackpots often growing over €100 Million, and exciting players un-patiently waiting for the winning numbers to be announced every Tuesday and Friday.

How to Play EuroMillions Syndicate

How to Play EuroMillions

EuroMillions tickets are filled with 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 Lucky Stars between 1 and 20. “Lucky Dips” with randomly generated numbers are also available usually. For the LottoPlus EuroMillions Syndicates, all numbers are randomly chosen and purchased for each group so LottoPlus players don’t have to choose their numbers. Players can purchase their tickets also from an authorised National Lottery retailer. Normally, you have 180 days to check the lottery before your prize money is donated to charity but at LottoPlus, you do not have to worry about this as the prizes are automatically claimed and credited to your player account.

EuroMillions Largest Jackpot Records

Largest Jackpot Records

So far the Euromillions jackpot record is €190 Million. On the 24th of October 2014, a lucky British player received this massive jackpot, converted to pounds he received over £149 million. In 2012 a jackpot of the same size went to Portugal and found a happy Euromillions player there, he received the jackpot in Euros and has lived a happy millionaire´s life since then! There were 9 UK jackpot winners in 2015, making the UK the country with the most Euromillions millionaires.

Charities EuroMillions Supports

Charities EuroMillions Supports

In Britain, for every £1 spent, 28p goes towards The Good Causes Fund. To date, £33 billion has been shared with social and charitable organisations such as the British Film Institute and Veterans with Dogs. In other countries, similar contributions are made but every country can decide themselves which cause the funds go to.

EuroMillions Syndicate Extra Games

Extra Games

Mega Friday
For UK players only. If the big Jackpots are not enough to convince you to play this lottery, then this might change your mind: 5 winners on the last Friday of every month are chosen to receive £1 million, and on top of this they will also receive a trip of a lifetime for 2 to a luxury resort somewhere exotic in the world! You can take part in the Mega Friday promotion simply by purchasing a ticket for EuroMillions on the last Friday of every month.

Millionaire Maker
To make up for the slightly higher price of a ticket in the UK, every UK Euromillions ticket is automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker supplementary game, which produces 2 millionaires each week, one per draw. A code is printed on every UK Euromillions ticket. This game is completely separate from the main lottery and only available for UK players, making a guaranteed UK millionaire in every draw.

This draw is held several times throughout the year and uses the Prize Booster Fund to give players the chance to win a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €100 million. This continues to roll over up to €190 million until someone matches all 5 numbers and both Lucky Stars. Watch out for your LottoPlus Emails, we will notify all our players so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!