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The most popular lotteries such US Powerball, EuroMillions and Irish Lotto are all available under one roof…right here at
Don’t miss out on your chance of winning a cash prize when you join any of our syndicates, take a look at the lotteries we have on offer for you.

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Select and join your lottery from our Single and Combo Syndicates.
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Our trusted agents buy lottery tickets, scan and upload them to your player account.
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Syndicates increase your chances of winning

Playing in a syndicate at LottoPlus significantly increases your chances of winning a cash prize as you’re playing for more tickets in every draw, compared to buying one single ticket for one draw.

You can choose to play Single Lottery Syndicates such as US Powerball or EuroMillions giving you up to 50 more chances of winning. Or why not try one of our Combo Syndicates such as Lucky 7 – play a draw every draw of the week and increase your chances by 70 times!

Find out more about syndicates and how you can benefit from taking part in one of our syndicates at LottoPlus…

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We purchase lottery tickets

We’ve got it covered…we buy lottery tickets from our trusted resellers who are all over the world making sure they are bought and delivered to us in a timely fashion. These tickets are then scanned and uploaded to your Player Account so when you login to check your numbers, you’ll be able to see all the lines purchased for your syndicate. We make it simple and easy for you so all you have to do is sit back and wait for the draws to take place each week!
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Your money is still contributing towards charity

Rest assured your money is still benefitting charity organisations all over the world with your purchase. Although you’re not buying a ticket directly from the lotteries, we are purchasing the tickets through our trusted agents in order to create the syndicates.

Charity Contribution